Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

Underwear? Under Here!

I've been reading a lot of DNA Magazine and I've come under the impression that gay men own lots of underwear (or at least gay Aussies). I've never quite fully understood buying so much underwear. Perhaps that's the poor person in me speaking: I have other expenses occupying my thoughts. Even so, I do enjoy wearing good underwear every now and then (I'm not one of those boys who have to be fashionable 24/7).
I use to wear briefs all the time. Hanes has always been my brand of choice since they were cheap and fairly comfortable for day to day use. I wear them when I don't care about what other think, or when I don't expect to take my pants off (which is almost all the time).

Nowadays, I wear boxer or boxer briefs because they all free movement of my balls (yes I said that word). At first they felt weird because there was no support for my crotch but now I've grown accustom to them. My complaints about boxer are that some of them have no ways of closing the front opening making me weary of exposing my guns to everyone by accident. Fortunately, I only wear them around with no pants when I'm at home.

I have spandex shorts from my day as an athletic runner. I still uses them from time to time but I find that they collect too much moisture for my liking.

I own no fashionable undies because I'm broke! lol. Also because I haven't any outfit to fit them with and I want to beef-up before I wear them.

My favorite brands are:

There are also times when I'm commando (did it at school once). And one day I'll wear a loincloth.

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