Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

Okay, so what

You may have heard that former head of the RNC Ken Mehlman has come out as gay. The man was responsible for pushing strong anti-homosexual policy, curtailing our rights. Even now, he continues to financially support anti-gay politicians. brought up an interesting point of forgiveness. Can Ken Mehlman gain the forgiveness of the LGBT community? No. Just because he's gay doesn't mean he's absolved of his transgression. He's yet to produce any reason for us to forgive him.

Forgiveness requires that that the person has sincerely apologized for his wrongs. That doesn't come easy. We will have to see if he has truly seen if he's wrong.

Then after forgiveness, he must also show that he's willing to fixing the things he's damage. He needs to go out there, and denounce homophobia through working for LGBT rights.

I have extreme doubts whether he'll ever give a reasons for us to forgive him. Which is sad really. I'm the type of person who'd love to forgive another. But for all that he's done, he must earn that forgiveness.

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