Sonntag, 1. August 2010

Southeast Asian Music pt. 2

Modernization has meant, for some areas of Southeast Asian society, westernization. Many nation have come up with ways of "preserving" or celebrating perceived cultural uniqueness while incorporating modernism. While Western and East Asian style pop music has become popular in Southeast Asia, so too has more localized music traditions.

Morlam is the musical tradition of Lao people in Thailand and Laos. Here is a look at a more traditional morlam performance from Laos:

Like Enka of Japanese tradition, Morlam evolved to become an iconic pop music of Thailand. Traditional instruments are replaced by electronic ones. Dancers are dress eccentrically. It has be come fabulous, much like the Carnival of the west. Bands go from city to city, and perform at various venues.

Another such tradition following this trend is Dangut, a musical tradition from Indonesia with heavy South Asian and Middle Eastern influence.

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