Montag, 2. August 2010

Quick News

Another endangered Irrawaddy dolphin dies in a fishing net in the Mekong. Four such dolphins have died, as the the global population of river dolphins continue to decline.

Woman dies due to unsafe abortion in Camobodia. The problem of course is the lack of access to safe abortion and general medical care for many Cambodians. This is worsen by the lack of health education. Cambodian laws state that only license medical officials can perform abortion.

Teabagger fails. In an attempt to show their diversity, a teabagger rally ends up being overwhelmingly white and straight. The very few gay teabaggers there are, of course, idiots.

Fires in Russia.

Like American university graduates, Japanese university graduates are expected to face a small job market.

UNESCO to add Bikini Atoll as a heritage site. Bikini was used as a nuclear bomb test site by the United States during the Cold War. The natives of the island were relocated to another island where they suffered from starvation due to poor conditions there.

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