Freitag, 20. August 2010

I'm Gay Because. . .

I'm not gay 'cause I have nice shirts
I wear plain t's most of the time
I'm not gay 'cause I know how to flirt
I'm too lost in that head of mine

I'm not gay 'cause I'm a muscle hunk
I'm really just the average type
I'm not gay 'cause I'm a twinky funk
I don't go for all the big hypes

I'm not gay 'cause I like bright colours
Too much would mess with my plain eyes
I'm not gay 'cause I like hip decor
My room looks like a big pigsty

I'm not gay 'cause I was abused
My family was fairly nice
I'm not gay 'cause I was misused
I had a fairly decent life

I'm not gay 'cause I hate your God
I don't care in what you believe
I'm not gay 'cause I'm Satan's pod
Your dogma ain't gonna hold me

I'm not gay 'cause I'm now confused
I am sure it's just been like that
I'm not gay 'cause I'm ill or bruised
I'm healthy as a well fed cat

I'm not gay 'cause I want more rights
But my rights should be given still
I'm not gay 'cause I want to fight
I'm not doing this for the thrill

I'm not gay for these other reason
The reason is plain natural
Ain't just a change of the season
Science says this is factual

I am gay because I like men
My phallus springs when I see one
It's something that I just can't bend
With guys is where I'll have the "fun"

I'm gay and I'm happy that way
I've no need to get feelings jammed
I will be glad if you would say
That you'll accept me as I am.

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