Sonntag, 31. August 2008


One of the most fregrant and sweet flower. And almost impossible to keep alive in a vase without constant firtilization. Especially in the hot and dry conditions of the Inland Empire, tuberoses require alot of attention.

Or maybe that's just me.

When I look at my relative tuberoses they are always constantly blooming. It's a stark contrast to the one or two flowers that I get per season.

You may ask then why do I keep such plants. Tuberoses are important culturally to many people. In particular South and Southeast Asia, tuberoses are used to create leis for offering for different reasons. So In keeping with tradations we grow tuberoses as welll as palmeria and Indian lotus.

Still nothing says fail in gardening like having very minimal blossoming. Conventionality would suggest the use of pesticide and fertilizers to help facilitate the growth of the family. But then you realize that you work with enough chemicals to fuck you up before your fifty to add more of them into your life. Oh well, I gust I'll have to settle with one week blossom for this growing season.

Freitag, 29. August 2008

Prasat Phra Viharn- Thailand's and Cambodia's scapegoat.

I didn't get to see Prasat Phra Viharn when I was in Cambodia. I would like to have seen the temple that has been causing international distress in Southeast Asia for the past few months now.

The ancient Khmer temple has been a popular and effective distraction for more serious issues that faces both countries in the modern times. With nationalist at both sides of the front, the corrupt government of Cambodia and the ineffective government of Thailand can relax with their toes curled as they let their impotence and injustices go unnoticed.

As per the ownership of the temple complex, I say that Thailand should just give it up already for the following reason:

1. To save the face of the already tarnish reputation that Thailand has had since its Coup.

2. To focus on domestic issues such as poverty, crime, and the insurgency in Pattani.

3. Thailand already posses much more beautiful Khmer temples such as Phimai.

4. To acknowledge the integrity of Cambodia regardless of past and out-dated colonial claims that Thailand may have over Cambodia.

5. To make appeasement to the rest of the ASEAN nations.

6. Give both Cambodia and Thailand so integrity in their heritage and acknowledge a common descent. (I would also apply this to nationalist claims of Thailand over Burma, Laos, and their claim of Thailand being Suvanaphum for which there is not evidence.)

As for Cambodia, She should strive to resolve Her issues with Thailand without international intervention so that way She can prove to the world that She is capable of running Herself effectively. But I don't see this happening so as long as the ever-incapable Hun Sen remains as Her prime minister. Rather then feeding the drought torn areas or preventing flood devestation, Hun Sen cronies would rather seen men to face the Thais at the borders.

Now don't get me wrong I love Khmers (I am Khmer) and Thais too! That doesn't mean I should love thier shitty government or their nationalism. All of Southeast Asia is capable of being more developed then they are but they have such stupid government running them. Khmers and Thais are humans with their own unique features but sometimes I just want to smak them all in the heads. What the Thai amounts to these days is what Japanese are trying to do with their text book revisionist and what the Turks have already done.