Sonntag, 31. August 2008


One of the most fregrant and sweet flower. And almost impossible to keep alive in a vase without constant firtilization. Especially in the hot and dry conditions of the Inland Empire, tuberoses require alot of attention.

Or maybe that's just me.

When I look at my relative tuberoses they are always constantly blooming. It's a stark contrast to the one or two flowers that I get per season.

You may ask then why do I keep such plants. Tuberoses are important culturally to many people. In particular South and Southeast Asia, tuberoses are used to create leis for offering for different reasons. So In keeping with tradations we grow tuberoses as welll as palmeria and Indian lotus.

Still nothing says fail in gardening like having very minimal blossoming. Conventionality would suggest the use of pesticide and fertilizers to help facilitate the growth of the family. But then you realize that you work with enough chemicals to fuck you up before your fifty to add more of them into your life. Oh well, I gust I'll have to settle with one week blossom for this growing season.

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