Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

Councilwoman Recieve Death Threats Over Equality

A Memphis Councilwoman has been threaten with death and a dead cat for supporting LGBT anti-discrimination laws:

"Police think the threats are serious enough have increased patrols around her home to keep her safe. Each phone call mentioned her support for banning discrimination against gays in city government. Distraught, Fullilove reached out to Jonathan Cole with the Tennessee Equality Project. 'She essentially said that they were threatening to kill her,' said Cole, who thinks the death threats are just another example of intolerance in Memphis. 'It's scary and our city needs to stand up to this kind of ugliness.' Police are keeping a close eye on Fullilove and her family. She's asked her telephone provider to track the calls. Meanwhile, Cole says the councilwoman's experience should highlight the need for the ordinance to protect gays and lesbians working for the city."

Fullilove says she will continue to push for passage of the anti-discrimination measure, which comes up for a vote on August 10.

The anti-gay side is always trying to say that we're the ones who are violent and evil and yet they do this. I guess the old axiom is true: You will know a Christian by there love. Looks like Christian love here involves killing a cat and throwing it on people's lawn.

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