Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010


Viola Tricolor, also known as Johny Jump Up and heartease, is a small annual plant that now grows wildly after it's introduction in the America's by settlers. You can often find them sold in home improvement stores and nurseries. The grow similarly to weeds in cultivated fields.

Viola Tricolor is a wild ancestor of the Pansy, which is a hybrid form of the Viola Tricolor. Like many domesticated plants, tricolor stated as a weed that would grow when the ground is disturbed during cultivation. People, however, noted how beautiful this weed is and began domesticating it. The result is the mass production of pansy plant. (Photos courtesy of Chris Ford )

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Caine hat gesagt…

They do grow like weeds, they pop up all over my yard. That makes them more delightful to me; they're often unexpected little delights for the eyes.

I have one rather large patch of them in my front yard, it's always interesting to see how the different colours and patterns mix from one 'generation' to another.