Montag, 19. Juli 2010

San Diego LGBT Pride - Personal

Personally, Pride in San Diego was a series of up and down due to issues with my shyness and my friends. I really hate being shy. I also hate coming out in a community lacking LGBT representation. I knew almost no one there. I spent my time being awkward. I've tried going to my University's LGBT resource center but I'm way too shy and too afraid to make much use of the community there. Essentially, I've caused myself to miss out on so many opportunity to integrate in the community.

So there I was spending 4 hours waiting for my friend who was one of the few other gay people I knew. Yeah, I was piss and was about to throw a fit. Eventually, he came and I calm down and began to enjoy the remainder of the day. It was my first going to a club. I manage to trance myself in the dance and totally forgot that I promised to be home by midnight. It was also the first time I got hit on by a guy: after I left the club, a really cute guy said hi and ask me if I enjoyed the night. All I did was give a surprised smiled and one of those dazed out Psyduck looks. He smiled back and said I must really be a shy guy. OMG, I'm still giggling like a high school student over it.

Then things got scary. I drove home from San Diego at around 2-3 am. I just passed Temecula going 80 miles per hour when one of my wheels burs ted. I pulled over to check but since it was dark I didn't see anything wrong. I spent the rest of way back to Riverside with a horrible grinding noise and fearing that I might die. I got home, went to bed, and woke up later in the after noon to check my car. There was no wheel on the back right side. Dad tells me I was lucky that the car didn't blow up on the way. It's the second time I've had this problem, but the first was not nearly as scary because it was bright out and I was in a parking lot.

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