Montag, 27. September 2010

Dunce Vs. Dunce

I'm not a fan of pointing out "schism" because it's a double edge sword. If you can point out the right's schism then they can point out the left's schism. No movement is monolithic. Still, it's refreshing to see idiots making an ass out of themselves in thinking the right supports them. Attention hog and authoritarian Michael Lucas got to an argument with Ann Coulter (a person who doesn't need my introduction). Lucas is generally right wing, supporting various conservative politicians. He has a great cognitive dissonance in thinking that the right is somehow gay friendly (like all Homosexual Conservative). I have no sympathy for him and treat him as a horrid enemy of social rights. Well it turns out he and Coulter don't agree and it turns into a shout fight with both sides huffing and puffing without substance. It's funny because Homocons don't seem to grasp the concept that the American right doesn't want them there. They are outsiders in the conservative movement.

Anyways, Lucas should stay with what he's good at (which is directing and producing high budget porn) and keep his simple little mind out of politics.

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