Dienstag, 14. September 2010


Is the USB flash drive already being replaced? Currently it's the best memory storage system out there for the common folks. Of course it has it's limitations. This has prompted companies to research and develop new storage system that will no doubt out Add Videoshine the flash drive. Currently they are looking into Resistive Random Access Memory or RRAM and they are making head way into developing it for the market.
I have four personal flash drives: an 8 GB, a 4 GB, a 2 GB, 250 MB. This is actually pretty slow and pretty low on memory. But remember how much have changed? It use to be the floppy drive some eons ago in the 90's. Those drives couldn't hold a video file, but they were the best at their time. Now everyone has a personal note book, PCs are ultra fast and inexpensive, and flash drives are in the double digits in memory. I must be ages old because my PC still has a floppy drive. Technology makes you feel old, doesn't it? :P

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