Freitag, 3. September 2010


Focus on the Family (aka Focus on the Patriarchy) is promoting an abstinence only policy in Yunnan, China. Why on earth would the government of Yunnan allow that? The abstinence only policy is failing in the United States, badly. It's failing in Africa, badly and resulting in STD being spread rapidly. I only hope that the students sees this for what it really is: an attempt at hegemony from American Evangelicals who cares nothing for the well being of other. If they truly cared, they'd promote safe sex. Safe sex is proven to reduce STD and unwanted pregnancy.

This whole abstinence only policy stems from heavy misogyny. How? Fundamental Christians believe the only use for sex is to make the woman pregnant. If some one is having safe sex, it means that they are having it to enjoy it. They cannot stand for that. They cannot stand the idea that a woman can enjoy sex, or take control of their own body. The loath at the fact that a woman can use their body for something other than child rearing.

I hope there is a day when the lies and evil of Focus on the Family is expose to the world. I certainly will do my best to do so.

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