Montag, 4. Oktober 2010


You know, people make these look so easy. After all, it's just one strip of paper being folded repeatedly and then crushed in the end.
Whenever I make them, 2 out of 5 end up perfect looking while the rest look like a wad paper ball.
I thought about it, and these objects wouldn't survive the archaeological records. At least not here, where there is enough moisture to destroy them. If we were a culture without writing, our knowledge of how to make origami would have to be transmitted orally, and it would join the ranks of the so-called "folk art". (It's a loaded term because of the association of class.)
Now living in a technologically advance society, we can easily access information on how to make these little stars.
I use these as sentimental gifts. It's perfect for little decorative things. Of course, some times the paper can be expensive.

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yokohamamama hat gesagt…

Herzliche Gruesse aus Japan!
Tolle Sterne! Do you fold those basically the same as the balloon? Oshiete, kudasai! My daughter would *love* to make those:)) I put up origami on my blog, too, but right now just easy stuff that younger kids can do (stuff that a parent with, say, toddlers could do without getting a headache...).

Sie koennen natuerlich Pikachu auch falten, oder? Wenn nicht, wuerde ich gerne fuer Sie aussuchen und auf meinem Blog oeffentlieren:))

(I would put some Korean in this comment, but that's the only one I don't speak:((