Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010


So, I hear on the Phnom Penh Post that there has been tension between ethnic minorities in Ratanakiri and large timber companies. Considering the trend of ethnic rivalry in SEA, it shouldn't be a surprise. Still, I had hope (perhaps naively) that Cambodia's relation with it's ethnic minorities would be different. Especially since they share a history of genocide with each other. But alas, political and economic power wins out. It's not bad enough that logging in R'kiri has become server over the years. Now they are beginning to push the ethnic minorities there off their tribal land. (This should sound familiar to any American.)

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Gia-Lệ hat gesagt…

AH, see I only heard the word "cao" being used, but never knew what the character actually looked like. Now I'll definitely be able to remember how to write it, haha!