Montag, 18. Januar 2010

Faith before Morals

If you all don't know, I'm a frequent commenter on Pharyngula, a blog headed by the self-proclaimed godless-liberal-biologist PZ. Now, I don't agree with PZ 100%. To be honest, there are times where I'm a tad bit accommodating. But I'm also not one for malicious slander. No sooner when PZ criticize missionary efforts in Haiti, an apologetic comes in spitting nonsense that this was somehow spewing hate. Professor Dendy of American River College in Sacramento, comes in a claims PZ is hate mongering. Why? Because PZ doesn't believe that giving electronic Bibles to Haitians is productive. So naturally, the commenters point out that he is utterly wrong, in which he claims persecution. He makes a dramatic exit and leaves us a link to his blog, claiming that the commenters a lying.
Well lets analyze the situation here. Dendy came in claiming PZ is spitting hateful venom, which is completely off topic and has no evidence to support. Commenters says WTF. He then claim that the death of the Haitians is God's plan and gives an anecdote about how he survived a life-threatening disease. Then he claims we're hatemongers (for which he only gives Raven, a ex-Christian, as an example). He leaves us with a link to his blog, but the blog doesn't link back to PZ. So he's lying, overacting, and dishonest. Lying because he made a false claim about hatemonger. Overacting because as soon as we criticize him, he claims persecution. Dishonest because he doesn't link back to the thread so that readers can see for themselves the actual occurrence.
People like Dendy scares me. Dendy is a professor, and is in a position of power to influence other. When such dishonest person has that power, they abuse it and distort the truth. I feel sorry for whatever student has him.

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