Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009

Father Forces "Gay" Son to Have Sex With a Prositute

Via Fridae:

"A local court says there is enough evidence against the father for him to stand
trial for the rape of his son.
Fearing that his 14-year-old son is gay, a
Rockhampton man thought that sex with a woman would "straighten" him out.
According to the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin on Wednesday, the father
allegedly phoned a prostitute during a family barbecue around Christmas time in
2007 and arranged to meet her at a local motel.
The unnamed man drove his
son to the motel and waited outside the room after demanding to see a used
condom as proof that the boy and the prostitute had sex."

Oh great. Homophobia at work again, and this time it's goes all out. There is so many thing wrong with this. Firstly, the father is a negligent arsehole. He could have risked giving his son so many diseases. Secondly, straight sex cannot "cure" homosexual attraction. Which brings me to the next point that he should have no fear of teh gehs. They's people too, and often very good moral people. Than again, I forget that keeping the status quo is far more important than human life and dignity.

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