Montag, 1. Februar 2010

Better PR

The leader of the opposition party, Sam Rainsy, was recently arrested for removing border posts on the Cambodia-Vietnam border. The concern is that Vietnam was encroaching on Cambodian territory in secret, which is not uncommon in territorial dispute. Just earlier, Thai nationalist were arrested for attempting to alter the Cambodia-Thailand border post. Of course, let us remember that this whole border dispute is a product of colonialism. Prior, there was NO border definition amongst any of the states of Southeast Asia.
Well, Sam Rainsy is objecting that they are unfairly prosecuted and have evidence for their claim. They can rightfully claim so, since the government is riddle with lobbyist corruption. Ah, but Sam Rainsy isn't going to get by with just a prosecution claim. The problem is that the opposition is party is riddled with racist agenda. I don't disagree that the current government is a foreign sale out. Any educated Cambodian will know that Hun Sen is an eleitist power hungery brown-noser who follows the beckoning of the more powerful East Asian states. But what exactly do want to replace him with. Racist war-mongers aren't exactly an ideal candidate, yet that's exactly what Sam Rainsy has been portraying themselves to be. Ay, the whole issue of ethnic relations in post-colonial Southeast Asia could fill volumes and the Viet-Khmer relationship is just a part of that. Presenting yourself as racist isn't going to help your cause, especially for a country whose trying to get recognized by the international community. Yeah the Viets are stilling Khmer lands, but hey the Javanese are taking the Papauans' lands, the Burmese taking the Kayins' land. Don't claim your the only ones. Yes it is noble (to the extant that you believe in the nation state system) to guard your border, but bringing racism into it makes you no better than the enemies who probably considers you barbarians likewise (see pot kettle black).

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